Wednesday, 29 April 2015

medical tourism & blogs

Medical Tourism is a growing industry and has been growing at an exponential rate. With the globalization concept, most countries especially developing countries as Costa Rica, India, Hungary and Thailand are actively participating in the industry. The main reason that patients are seeking healthcare abroad are due to the cheaper and attractive cost, and also to avoid waiting time to particular treatments.
The competitive environment of the industry is becoming more intensive as many countries are now entering this highly competitive, dynamic and volatile industry. Thus, understanding the pull factors that may draw the medical tourists is important for the healthcare providers.
Taking advantage on the development of worldwide web and social media acceptance by the global society, many healthcare providers rely on this platform to attract potential patients. Surveys done in Britain by Ian Youngman (2009) shows that consumers are increasing relying on the internet for information in purchasing a product or service. Blogs (weblogs) have proven to show advancement growth in the recent years besides Facebook and Instagram. There is a potential power for marketing using blogs as a medium to reach out the medium.
An academic team from University of Malaya, Malaysia is currently doing a research study on finding the relationship between blogs and Medical Tourism industry. Is it true that blogs written by individuals or group of people can bring positive or negative effect to the readers in choosing their medical care options? How does medical blogs helped readers to make a choice or decision wisely? How reliable are medical blogs to readers? 
This study requires you as readers to help in determining the importance of medical tourism blogs. Your 5 minutes time in completing the survey would be very helpful in the study.
 The online survey is as per the following link: